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Utility Design

Water and Wastewater public utility design firms play a critical role in designing and developing water and wastewater treatment facilities that meet the needs of communities and businesses. They help ensure the reliable delivery of safe and clean water and the proper treatment of wastewater while minimizing disruption to the environment and the public. Here are some services offered by our firm:

  1. Conceptual design: This phase of utility design involves developing a conceptual plan for a new utility or an improvement project. The conceptual design includes considering the routing, sizing, and depth of the utility.

  2. Detailed design: Detailed design involves developing detailed plans and specifications for the utility, including pipe sizes, material specifications, and installation details. The detailed design phase also includes designing utility structures, such as manholes, vaults, & metering.

  3. Underground utility location: Locate underground utilities (QL-C & QL-D for construction purposes or to avoid accidental damage during excavation or construction activities.

  4. Utility relocation: When utilities need to be moved to accommodate new development or infrastructure projects, we can develop plans for utility relocation and provide construction administration services to ensure a smooth transition.

  5. Coordination with other utilities and agencies: Coordinate with other utility companies and government agencies to ensure that the new utility design complies with all regulations and meets the needs of all stakeholders.

  6. Construction administration and inspection: Provide construction administration and inspection services to ensure that the water or wastewater facilities is done according to the design specifications and plans.

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