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Drainage Design

Drainage design plays a critical role in designing and developing drainage systems that can handle stormwater runoff and prevent flooding. They also help to protect the environment by designing erosion control measures and sedimentation management strategies. Here are some common services offered by our firm:

  1. Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis: This service involves analyzing the rainfall patterns and runoff characteristics to design a drainage system that can handle the anticipated water flow. Hydraulic analysis is also performed to design drainage systems, including the sizing of pipes, and culverts.

  2. Drainage system design: Design the drainage system for new developments or redesign an existing system. The design includes the layout of pipes, culverts, and drainage structures such as inlets and catch basins.

  3. Erosion control and sedimentation management: Design erosion control measures and sedimentation management strategies to minimize the impact of construction activities on the surrounding environment.

  4. Construction administration and inspection: Provide construction administration and inspection services to ensure that drainage systems are constructed according to the design specifications and plans.

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